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Dialogue With The Citizens Of Moldova: CReDO Holds Public Consultations On The National Strategy For Combating Corruption And Justice Reform

Dialogue with the citizens of Moldova: CReDO holds public consultations on the National Strategy for Combating Corruption and Justice Reform

Failure to comply with the rule of law, violation of the principle of integrity of employees of the justice system, informal taxes in the field of medicine and education, as well as poor quality of state legal aid services. These are just some of the problems identified by Moldovans during public consultations conducted by the organization CReDO, a total of 12 events across the country. They concern the National Integrity and Antocorruption Strategy , as well as the reforms in the field of justice.
At meetings with CReDO experts, people also criticized the work of the police to ensure public order. In addition, Moldovans believe that socially vulnerable populations should be given more attention. At the same time, according to the participants of the consultations, it is necessary to inform the public as much as possible about measures taken by the authorities in the fight against corruption.
 “The main goal of these consultations is to gather opinions for improving the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, as well as the Justice Reform Strategy.” We also inform the officials about  the provisions of the Integrity Law , “said Olga Bitca, CReDO program manager.
She also said that the organization calls on other NGOs to unite for projects to combat corruption.
“A very important result that we achieved is that we got information about corruption, illegal collection of money, thanks to those who showed such bravery and told about it,” Olga Bitca added.
According to CReDO experts, the main solutions for the problems in the field of justice should be the provision of transparency and integrity through measures to prevent corruption. At the same time, authorities should take into account the public interest, as well as provide greater access to state legal aid. Experts note that it is necessary to develop a mechanism for controlling the quality of such services. In this context, the requirements to better equipping the police and the more serious attitude of law enforcement agencies to issues such as human rights and domestic violence are also indicated. Experts also believe that civil society should be more actively involved not only in development, but also in monitoring the implementation of strategies.
In April of this year the organization CReDO launched the project “Participation in the process of public policies in the field of justice of Moldova”. It is designed for two years, it is funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund.

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