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Monitoring And Evaluation Of The National Integrity And Anticorruption Strategy From A Civil Society Perspective

Monitoring and evaluation of the National Integrity and Anticorruption Strategy from a civil society perspective

CReDO organized 2 seminars on 29 September and 13 October 2017 with the participation of organizations from various sectors, including representatives of vulnerable groups:
1. Monitoring and evaluation of the National Integrity and Anticorruption Strategy from a civil society perspective with the participation of CNA representatives
Moments approached:
– Monitoring National Integrity and Anticorruption Strategy, participation in the elaboration of anticorruption sectoral plans,
– Innovations of the Integrity Law, Institutional Integrity Assessment Mechanism,
– The issue of informal taxes, the situation in the education and medical sector. The possibility of establishing a thematic coalition
– Participation and self-organization in the development of alternative national and international reports, in particular UNCAC, effective communication of the possibility to participate as an observer and to co-ordinate alternative monitoring reports,
– Whistleblower protection.
2. CNP meeting with the participation of Government representatives
Moments approached:
– The Moldova 2030 Strategy Project, opportunities for participation,
– Transparency in decision making, participation in Government meetings, access to draft normative acts,
– Participation of NGOs in the evaluation of the work of Ministries.
3. Discussions of self-organization in the majority of the CNP and other organizations
The CReDO Representative addressed the issue of governmental decision-making transparency and also argued that the Government’s decision to move ARBI from the CNA to the Ministry of Finance is not correct and argumented reasons.
57 proposals, in total, were collected from 2 seminars organized on 29 September and 13 October. Therefore, the 3rd updated version of 340 proposals was sent to the competent authorities to finalize the elaboration of the sectoral anti-corruption strategies, a component part of the National Anticorruption Strategy, chapter on the Government.
Presentations in Roman and Russian can be found at the following links:
1. Strategia ro        
​2. Strategia ru        
3. Notiuni integritate ro
​4. Entitati integritate ro
5. Planuri sectoriale  
Project “Participation in the process of public policies in the field of justice of Moldova” is funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund:

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